TAIEX EPPA Workshop on Managing Marine Litter: September 11-12th, 2019

Tags: Water

TAIEX EPPA Workshop on Managing Marine Litter took place on September 11-12th, 2019 in Split, Croatia. The event report together with all presentations is now available for download.

TAIEX EPPA Workshop on Managing Marine Litter: September 11-12th, 2019

The regional workshop on Managing Marine Litter in EPPA Countries – Challenges, Approaches, Developments took place in Split, Croatia, on September 11-12. The workshop was organized in cooperation with TAIEX and under the EPPA project work programme, namely activity 3.2, “Capacity building and technical assistance for managing marine litter and support to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive”. The venue was chosen to capitalize on the cooperation experience between Croatia, Montenegro and Albania managing marine litter, formalized in the trilateral commission.

The participants of the workshop came from the relevant authorities of the EPPA beneficiary countries, including ministerial water departments, marine and coastal management departments, waste departments, EU integration and strategic planning departments, and representatives of environmental civil society organizations from the beneficiary region.

Seeking to both pass knowledge and exchange experiences, the programme had a mix of EU speakers and speakers from the beneficiaries. The former presented their experience and some case studies with the marine litter policy framework in the EU. The latter presented their challenges with the transposition and implementation of the pertinent acquis in a pre-accession and accession context.


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