Building coherence and synergy in the implementation of MSFD and WFD: Water management issues facing land-locked EPPA Countries

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The EPPA regional workshop is scheduled for 15-16 October in Skopje, North Macedonia

Building coherence and synergy in the implementation of MSFD and WFD: Water management issues facing land-locked EPPA Countries

The workshop’s aim is to strengthen national capacities of EPPA countries for effectively addressing a large number of the MSFD and the WFD, analyzed in synergy with the process of reaching the WFD objectives.

The planned workshop will give participants an opportunity to cross-learn about the challenges and perspectives in establishing regional cooperation particularly in landlocked EPPA countries. The workshop seeks to deepen the understanding of the synergies and differences between the WFD and the MSFD and enhance the capacity to formulate and implement strategies and programs of measures by linking them with the country’s overall development strategies and international requirements.

Specific Objectives:

  • To address the synergies between the WFD[1] and the MSFD in relation to the conceptual relations between Good Environmental Status (MSFD) and Good Ecological Status (WFD)
  • To examine the DPSIR, a methodological approach to assess the risk of failing to achieve good ecological status (WFD) and Good Environmental Status (MSFD)
  • To explore the tasks of setting environmental targets under WFD and MSFD
  • To present and discuss the role of landlocked countries in the implementation of the MSFD in synergy with the WFD
  • To present the policy areas connected with WFD and MSFD implementation, and their interlinkages and social and economic dimensions
  • To discuss the science policy interface in the water and marine sectors
  • To investigate any national obstacles (involvement and commitment, data and methodologies, coordination and cooperation, capacity building needs) towards addressing MSFD requirements for landlocked countries
  • To facilitate dialogue among the countries on the synergy between WFD and MSFD, including approaches, results, funding and international cooperation with the frame of international agreements, conventions and action plans
  • To benefit of TAIEX assistance for a more profound understanding of key requirements for landlocked countries and regional cooperation needs based on countries priorities
  • To encouraged dialogue between EPPA beneficiary countries, and water and marine experts, invited to share their perspectives, ideas and knowledge regarding the implementation of the WFD and MSFD.

The expected results are:

  • Regional cooperation in transboundary water management and protection of the marine and coastal environment facilitated
  • Enhanced understanding of the topics, challenges and tasks, and related responsibilities along meeting targets connected with landlocked countries requirements on MSFD and WFD implementation
  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge significantly improved
  • Key obstacles impeding the tasks implementation and related solutions identified
  • Motivation and active engagement of participants.

[1] Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2000 establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy (Water Framework Directive)


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