EPPA Inception meetings in Tirana

EPPA Inception meetings in Tirana

The meeting in Tirana was held between EPPA project team and Dr. Ornela Cuci, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment , as well as Heads of Unites and officials responsible for the sectors covered by the EPPA project: waste management, air quality, water management and nature protection, including timber regulation and CITES  implementation.

Mr. Jacek Niewiadomski, President of the Board of NIRAS IC Poland and Ms. Violeta Philippitsch , Key Account  Manager at Environmental Agency Austria ( UBA) presented the consortium, its technical capacities and experience working in the region. 

Mr.Mihail Dimovski  ( Team Leader) has presented the scope, activities and  results to be achieved under EPPA project as well as approach, methodology and current planning for WP 2019.  The project will assist  the European Commission in providing Secretariat of the EU Environment  Partnership Programme for Accession and aims to strengthen the implementation of EU environmental acquis in the EU enlargement  countries .

The main outcomes of the meetings were:

  • discussing the current state of play of alignment with EU environmental acquis in the sectors covered by EPPA, including progress made and planning in line with the EU environmental approximation strategy and preparedness for EU accession negotiations on Chapter 27
  • discussion about the particular needs of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, and other relevant competent authorities, to be considered during the project implementation.
  • receiving information on the outcomes of the ongoing TA projects, in the fields of water, waste, nature protection, marine strategy and air quality, in order to avoid potential overlaps, and create synergies with EPPA 


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