EPPA Regional Workshop on Implementation of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations

Tags: Nature, Wildlife trade

The online regional workshop on Implementation of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations will be held on November 4th – 5th, 2020.

EPPA Regional Workshop on Implementation of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations

During the event, representatives of the EPPA beneficiaries will have the opportunity to exchange experience with experts from the EU member states: Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal and Spain as well as the representatives of the European Commission DG Environment, the World Conservation Monitoring Centre- the UN Environment Programme, CITES Secretariat, CITES Management Authority in Serbia and TRAFFIC.

The focus of the workshop will be put on the following issues: reporting requirements to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora  (CITES) and specific reporting requirements at the EU level as well as monitoring  effectiveness of the permitting system in controlling import and export of endangered species in EPPA beneficiary countries.

Further, the workshop will also draw attention to examinations, assessments and consultations carried out by the scientific authorities and management authorities in respect of import, export and re-export of CITES-listed species. The EU Member States case studies will be also presented on duties and roles of the EU scientific authorities, including those regarding import, export and re-export applications, tasks, opinions and impact, consultations with exporting countries and presentation of scientific authorities guidelines, including ICT tools.

The workshop will improve capacities of the EPPA beneficiaries to get a better understanding of application of CITES requirements and the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations.


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