Inception visit to Serbia

The EPPA Team made the inception visit to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia on March 12-13th, 2019 meeting the State Secretary Mr. Ivan Karic.

Inception visit to Serbia

The Team Leader, accompanied by the EPPA team, visited Serbia on March 12-13. The inception meeting was held among the project’s team and the representatives of Ministry of Environmental Protection: Mr. Ivan Karic, State Secretary, Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as Heads of Unites and officials responsible for the sectors of waste management, air quality, water management and nature protection, including timber regulation and CITES  implementation. 

The aim of the first day was to present the project scope and team to high level officials of the Ministry and coordinators of EU integration process, exchange of information on the most recent developments in the country (including schedules of EU accession process activities, mapping of documents under preparation, updating on the state of play in the sector), presentation of steps which will be carried out in short-term period and working principles.

The purpose of the second day was continuation of discussion over national priorities and additional streamlining of the EPPA activities towards identified national needs at sector specific level, taking into consideration ongoing and planned national developments in targeted areas. Therefore, the main aim of the meeting was aggregation of information on the sector-specific priorities and related framing of both- national and regional scope of EPPA activities.


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