Meetings of EPPA Regional Working Group on Nature

Tags: Nature, EU Strategies

The EPPA Regional Working Group (RWG) on Nature will hold three online meetings in 2021. with the first one scheduled on May 11th.

Meetings of EPPA Regional Working Group on Nature

The RWG is composed of the National Coordinators  representing seven EPPA Beneficiaries. This coordination body at expert level will discuss and propose relevant regional or bilateral actions of common interest as well as will support mainstreaming of the Green Infrastructure (GI) and ecological connectivity into the national plans and funding instruments, including by identification of relevant projects for IPA funding.

The RWG will develop a Regional Plan for development of GI and ecological connectivity which will propose regional and transboundary actions for improvement of the ecological connectivity such as detailed identification of particular ecological corridors, establishment and/or coordinated management of transboundary clusters of protected areas, among others.

The RWG meetings are scheduled for May, September and November 2021.


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