TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on Managing Marine Litter in EPPA Beneficiaries

Tags: Water

The online TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on Managing Marine Litter will be held on June 16th – 17th 2021.

TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on Managing Marine Litter in EPPA Beneficiaries

The workshop will contribute to Beneficiaries’ awareness raising and capacity building in terms of addressing the increasing amounts of litter accumulating in the marine environment, reducing land-based sources of pollution and preventing the increase and minimizing the level of microplastics in the marine area. This will be considered in the context of achieving circular economy and in synergy with the process of reaching the objectives of Single Use Plastic Strategy (SUP), Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), the Water Framework Directive (WFD), and the international goals of the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans.

The special focus will be put on:

  • delivering knowledge-based solutions, environmental practices, and capacity building to reduce land-based sources of pollution,
  • examining the sources and the pathways of marine litter, and the land-based sources of pollution,
  • discussing the plastic debris and microplastics as the main components of marine litter which are omnipresent in the world’s oceans,
  • presenting the UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention regulatory and policy framework for marine litter management in the Mediterranean.

The participants will be provided with the cases studies by the EU MS experts from Croatia, Italy and Romania as well as they will discuss the above issues among each other and with the representatives of the European Commission and the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production.


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