TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on the implementation of the Sulphur Directive.

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The online workshop on the implementation of the Sulphur Directive was held on March 9th -10th, 2021.

TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on the implementation of the Sulphur Directive.

The event contributed to better understanding of the requirements under the Sulphur Directive (SD) that EPPA Beneficiaries shall cover. The  EU Member States (MS) experts from Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Poland shared their experience in terms of:

  • performing controls of sulphur content in fuels,
  • reporting requirements under the Directive,
  • grounds for incompliance cases,
  • ship’ inspection process (document verification, visual inspection, fuel samples),
  • comparison of fines for non-compliance in different EU MS.

Participants were updated with recent developments from international organizations: the European Union – DG Environment, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), International Maritime Organization (IMO), Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), Energy Community Secretariat.

Further, importance of sea transportation sector for global economy and challenges linked to it (marine environment pollution, atmosphere, global climate) were emphasized as well as significance of quick sampling procedure for efficiency of the implementation of Sulphur Directive and plans for establishing Sulphur Emission Control Area in the Mediterranean (as is in the North of Europe).

During discussions EPPA Beneficiaries expressed need for further cooperation with the EU MS to hold practical exercise regarding ship on-board monitoring to have hands on experience (training inspection) as well as further assistance for fulfilling reporting requirements under SD.


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