The 3rd Project Steering Committee meeting

The 3rd Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting is scheduled on September 28th, 2021.

The 3rd Project Steering Committee meeting

The on-line PSC meeting will be attended by the EPPA National Focal Points, deputy National Focal Points, national IPA Coordinators for environment sector and other relevant stakeholders of all the Beneficiaries as well as the European Commission and international organizations representatives (European Environment Agency, Joint Research Centre, Regional Cooperation Council) and the Contractor (NIRAS IC, Umweltbundesamt).

The meeting will focus on presenting key results of the project components achieved in the recent year and other outputs, consulting project developments in the context of Covid-19 circumstances as well as updates on the EU policy developments (IPA III programme, the Zero Pollution Action Plan, the Action Plan for Green Agenda for Western Balkans). The participants will discuss facilitating implementation of the EU policies and environmental acquis considering current status of their implementation as well as context of pandemic and the need to mainstream environmental issues in national policies.


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