EPPA Working Group
Category: Air

Air pollution is a local, pan-European and hemispheric issue. Air pollutants released in one country may be transported in the atmosphere, contributing to or resulting in poor air quality elsewhere.


To counter air pollution, the European Union has set itself the goal to achieve levels of air quality that do not give rise to significant negative impacts on, and risks to, human health and the environment. Since the early 1970s, the EU has been working to improve air quality by controlling emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, improving fuel quality and product quality in general, and by integrating environmental protection requirements into the transport and energy sectors.

The Air Quality related activities will increase the capacities of the beneficiaries to address trans-boundary air quality issues and achieve further alignment with air quality legislation.

The tasks of Air Management Working Group foreseen under EPPA are focused on the following activities:

  • Strengthening of capacities for the improvement of air quality monitoring, air quality management and reporting, air quality assessment methodologies and development of air quality improvement plans according to the Air Quality Directive
  • Assistance on capacity building related to emissions inventories, projections, reporting, and reduction strategies according to the National Emission Ceilings Directive (NEC), and facilitation of the ratification of the Gothenburg Protocol
  • Strengthening of capacities for monitoring sulphur emissions in maritime transport and enforcing EU and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements on sulphur Assistance on capacity building related to managing permits in accordance with BAT and BAT conclusions developed under the IED, setting emission limit values for pollutant emissions and monitoring requirements in accordance with the principles and provisions of the IED
  • Other assistance developed in cooperation with the beneficiaries based on their identification of key issues related to air quality



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