EPPA Working Group
Category: CSO

The overall objective of this component is to build and strengthen civil society active in the environment and area in EPPA beneficiary countries through institutional strengthening and information exchange on the EU environmental policy and developments in the enlargement policies.


The activity will build on the very active role of selected CSOs in the implementation steps, and on transparent and collaborative partnership between the European Commission, CSOs and EPPA project team.

Access to environmental information, public participation, and access to justice are key elements in the approximation process. Civil society is one of the key players in this process. Initiatives from inside civil society in the region for strengthened democratic practices have emerged over the past years.

The European Commission attaches a lot of importance to the public consultation process and the involvement of the CSO community in the decision-making process. The Environment Forum established with the Commission’s support has enabled civil society to be strengthened in the region. This support continued through Environment and Climate Forum component implemented within ECRAN project.

New selection process of CSOs that will be part of the CSO WG under EPPA will be performed in order to enable best practice exchange, sharing the information, regional coordination, etc. the selection process will be initiated during Inception Phase to enable as early involvement of selected CSOs in EPPA activities, as possible. The selection process will follow the methodology used within ECRAN.


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