EPPA Working Sub-Group
Category: EU Strategies

One of the main objectives of the EU strategies is to organise cooperation between countries or territories by mobilising local and regional actors to align policies and funding and to identify common issues, solutions and actions.

EU Strategies

Implementation of the activities under EPPA project will contribute to further implementation of EU Strategies, including the Macro-Regional Strategies, with focus on EUSDR and EUSAIR and building capacities for implementation of Biodiversity Strategy.

The following activities will lead to the successful achievement of the results:

  • The study with the analysis of green infrastructure deployment and ecological connectivity status of Albania, BiH, Montenegro and Serbia will provide good basis for defining concrete proposals and recommendations for protection, development and improvement of ecological connectivity throughout the region. Capacity building activities will provide the beneficiaries with the opportunity to critically discuss with the EU MS experts, their experience with the implementation of GI concept.
  • Development of initial proposals for establishment of new MPAs (in Albania, BiH and Montenegro) will contribute to RAC/SPA and MedPAN efforts to establish an ecological network of MPAs to protect at least 10% of the marine and coastal waters of the Mediterranean1.
  • Regional cooperation for sharing information and other scientific and technical resources on IAS will contribute to effective implementation of measures to prevent, eradicate, and control IAS. Capacity building on this topic will improve the understanding of IAS acquis and the importance of its implementation and enforcement.
  • Most of the countries are in the process or preparation and/or update of Biodiversity strategies and action plans. The project will contribute to better understanding of the EU Biodiversity strategy and biodiversity principles.


TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on strengthening the capacity of the national authorities in EU nature conservation legislation and biodiversity assessment of infrastructure projects


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