EPPA Working Sub-Group
Category: Illegal logging

Implementation of the activities of Wildlife Trade Sub-Group foreseen under EPPA will contribute to strengthening of regional cooperation for combating illegal logging and related trade.

Illegal logging

The following tasks are foreseen:

  • The study on trends in timber trade in the beneficiaries and between the beneficiaries and the EU;
  • The study on existing administrative and legislative aspects (e.g. documents accompanying trade and related procedures, cooperation with customs) and relevant stakeholders in the beneficiaries will provide overview of administrative and legislative aspects (documents accompanying trade and related procedures, cooperation with customs) to inform application and review of due diligence mechanisms under the EUTR.
  • Organisation of regional workshops on managing illegal timber will provide an opportunity for exchange of information and best practices between the beneficiaries on managing illegal timber, aiding for the facilitation of legal trade, including cooperation between chambers of commerce.
  • Involvement of the beneficiaries in the Project Leaf (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests), and the new forest crime working group will provide beneficiaries with more opportunities for cooperation with Member States and exchange of experience;
  • Organisation of regional conference on managing illegal timber, bringing the private sector stakeholders mapped in the study further strengthen administrative and legislative aspects identified in the study.



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