Workshop on Biodiversity in Western Balkans and Turkey

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The regional workshop on “Biodiversity in Western Balkans and Turkey” took place on November 19, 2019, in Brussels.

Workshop on Biodiversity in Western Balkans and Turkey

The conference goal was to elevate the priority of regional cooperation on biodiversity, both at policy and technical levels, in the EPPA beneficiaries. The workshop was well attended by representatives from all the beneficiaries of EPPA, EU member states, Commission officials and representatives from a range of international organizations and environmental NGO’s active in the region.

The workshop’s main outputs are:

  1. EPPA beneficiaries involved in a new policy dialogue structured around the EU New Green Deal. EPPA integrated into the bigger picture of the Enlargement Green Agenda.
  2. Better mutual understanding in Western Balkans and Turkey, in the run-up to the CBD-COP15, regarding priorities for commitments covering national and transboundary action.
  3. Identified best practices and future options of transboundary cooperation in the biodiversity sector within the region and beyond.
  4. Better understanding of the need for biodiversity policy to be supported by the integration of actions across wider policy areas, e.g., land-use change, pollution, climate change, forestry and fisheries
  5. Established contact group to support preparations and to draft final proposals/positions for the ministerial conference


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