Trans-boundary environmental issues in the EU enlargement context

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About the EPPA project.

The project EU Environment Partnership Programme for Accession (EPPA) in the Western Balkans and Turkey seeks to be a major driver of reform and development in environmental governance through compliance with the EU environmental acquis.

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EPPA Working Groups


Within the EU environmental acquis, waste is one of the most demanding sectors in terms of the resources – both human and financial – needed for the transposition of the relevant EU legislation, and the implementation of measures designed to achieve the outcomes sought.

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EU water protection policies aim to provide a wide range of environmental protection measures. Until the adoption of the Water Framework Directive in 2000 EU policies were generally quite specific in the issues they addressed.

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Air pollution is a local, pan-European and hemispheric issue. Air pollutants released in one country may be transported in the atmosphere, contributing to or resulting in poor air quality elsewhere.

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Nature in its complexity is addressing the priority issues of nature protection and implementation of Biodiversity Strategy 2020. The EU Biodiversity Strategy aims to halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU and help stop global biodiversity loss by 2020.

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EU Environmental Policy

The awareness and understanding of EU environmental laws, policies, economic benefits and strategies is crucial to strengthening dialogue and cooperation between the EU and its partners.

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